L O G I C 9

Custom software, without the custom pricetag

Your business is unique, so why isn’t your software? Don’t let your workflow be dictated by off-the-shelf tools.


A bit about us

Enabling efficient business

It starts with an idea

Got an idea for how you need your business to run, let’s talk.

Project brief and costs

Before we do anything, we’ll be upfront and open about what to expect.

Work starts

We’ll get to work making your vision a reality, and check in regularly.

Test, test, and test again

Once we’ve done the leg work, we’ll work with you to get rid of any kinks.


Next, it’s time to show the world your idea brought to life.

Business as usual

We’ll work with you on an ongoing basis to update and maintain your solution.

End to End

Everything you need under one roof

We’ll design, build and host your project for you. Meaning it is kept secure and you can deal with what’s important, running your business.


Learn more about our carbon removal pledge.


Custom Software

Off-the-shelf won't cut it? No problem, our solutions aren't as expensive as you think.

ECO Friendly

We only work with providers who genuinely care about the planet, like we do.

Informa CRM

Our semi off-the-shelf CRM system for SMB's.

Future Technology

We're always looking ahead to the next big technology, and how it will help you.


Software with style

Software doesn’t need to be boring, the process is very creative and the end result is something to be proud of.

Speak to us today about what we can do for you.